MotorDoc LLC has been in business since 2004 focusing on Reliability and Maintenance programs, electric motor systems and energy, industrial assessments, motor management and specifications, physical asset management, machine diagnostics and related topics including training.  Additional specialties include wind generator reliability and hybrid vehicle machine and insulation system design.

In 2015, MotorDoc LLC started focusing on field service testing, predictive maintenance and troubleshooting of machines using motor circuit analysis, electrical signature analysis, high voltage testing, vibration analysis, infrared, and power quality testing.

Effective January 11, 2018, MotorDoc LLC has been recognized as a Veterans Owned Small Business by the US Veterans Administration.

Services include:

  1. Electric motor systems consulting for maintenance, reliability and design/redesign.
  2. Predictive maintenance programs across all industries including wind generation.
  3. Electric machine, supply and driven equipment forensics and root-cause-failure-analysis.
  4. New materials research and development.
  5. GTI Predictive Technology sales and support.
  6. MotorDiagnostics.com: Library of papers related to electric machine reliability, industrial and facility reliability and maintenance, motor system testing, skilled workforce related issues and more;

For a list of books and materials, please view our ‘Published‘ section and for free papers, etc., please visit the ‘Archives.’

Contact US at 800 919-0156 or mailto:info@motordoc.com


MotorDoc LLC is recognized by the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP) as an approved provider of continuing education and training aligned with key subject areas related to reliability and physical asset management.

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