ALL-TEST PRO 5 DC Motor Testing

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The ALL-TEST Pro 5 (ATP5) has some fantastic features over the ALL-TEST IV PRO and the ALL-TEST Pro 33 including transformer, single phase and individual coil testing and trending. One of the unique features over the ALL-TEST IV PRO is that it will provide pass/warning/fail indications on the data collector and will also allow comparisons to prior tests. There are additional features which will be covered in future blogs.

2015-06-19 12.01.14

Figure 1: DC Motor Being Tested

2015-06-19 12.01.24

Figure 2: DC Motor Nameplate

The setup of the ATP5 for DC machines is extremely simple. As shown in Figures 3 and 4, there are a variety of DC motor types that can be selected including SV (Single Voltage) and DV (Dual Voltage), different types of DC motors (shunt, compound, series) and motor only or on a DC drive.

2015-06-21 20.07.59

Figure 3: Main Screen of ATP5 with DC Motor Test Selected

 2015-06-21 20.08.08

Figure 4: Different Types of ATP5 DC Motor and Coil Tests

Following a test the data can be saved on the instrument and compared to previous tests. The raw tests can be viewed on the instrument, as well, as shown in the following images.

 2015-06-21 20.08.59

Figure 5: Data Collected on a DC Motor

2015-06-21 20.09.10

Figure 6: Resistance Readings

 2015-06-21 20.09.20

Figure 7: Dissipation Factor and Capacitance Results

 2015-06-21 20.09.30

Figure 8: Insulation Resistance Field to Ground, Armature to Ground and Armature to Field

2015-06-21 20.09.42 Figure 9: Phase Angles of Fields and Armature

 2015-06-21 20.09.53

Figure 10: IF Response of Fields and Armature

 2015-06-21 20.10.03

Figure 11: Impedance of the Fields and Armature

 2015-06-21 20.10.13

Figure 12: Inductance of Fields and Armature


The data can be uploaded for viewing and trending as shown in Figures 13 and 14.

 Screen Capture

Figure 13: Raw DC Data for Viewing

 Screen Capture 2

Figure 14: Ability to Compare or Trend from Baseline


The baseline can be changed such as when the motor has had corrective action, such as a cleaning or rewind.


For information on the application of the ALL-TEST Pro Motor Circuit Analysis and Electrical Signature Analysis technologies, contact MotorDoc LLC at




The MotorDoc Solution Released

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For Immediate Release June 13, 2015:

With the addition of GTI Predictive Technologies distribution and partnerships with ALL-TEST Pro, LLC and Dreisilker Electric Motors, Inc., as well as a broad network of electric machine system engineers and solutions providers, MotorDoc LLC releases the ability to provide complete electric machine solutions.  From all aspects of industry, MotorDoc LLC can now provide the expertise, training, technology, services, forensics and motor management in one complete package.

“It does not matter if you are a utility or commercial building, the combination of services and experts that we can bring to bear on your motors, generators and associated systems, are unparalleled in industry.”  Says Dr. Penrose, President of MotorDoc LLC, “I have spent a lifetime working on this goal, and now it is being realized.”

With a single point of contact, an entire industry can come to your aid.  Repetitive machine problems?  Ineffective maintenance program?  Machine design problems and need to know how to select materials?  Want to set up a predictive maintenance or maintenance program and struggling where to start?  Needing to qualify your repair shop or service provider?  Challenges doing a motor survey?  Need to have a significant impact on energy efficiency?  Repair versus replace?  and anything else that keeps you up at night.

Contact us and we can lift the world from your shoulders.

MotorDoc LLC becomes GTI Unlimited Distributor

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logo8116189_lg mediumFor Immediate Release (June 13, 2015):

Effective June 12, 2015, MotorDoc LLC has become an unrestricted distributor of GTI Predictive Technology vibration, balancing, laser alignment, infrared, ultrasound and other specialty tools that all work off of an iPad platform.  There are combinations of wired and wireless pickups for each technology that allow for the selection of tools that are safe and effective developed by a company that has decades of field and repair experience.

“We are excited about this opportunity,” said Dr. Penrose, President of MotorDoc LLC, “This addition to the MotorDoc offerings brings about the ability to provide a complete electric machine system solution and expands our motor management offerings.”

For more information, go to