MotorDoc LLC Receives Recognition as a Veteran Owned Small Business

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MotorDoc LLC has received recognition from the Veterans Administration as a Veteran Owned Small Business.  Yes, we finally moved forward with it.  For those not in the know, the nickname ‘MotorDoc’ was actually given to me by Capt. Parcells when I ran the motor repair shop (EE04) on the USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71.  I was one of the first sailors aboard in late summer 1985 (keel laid in Oct. 1984) and was a plankowner when the ship was commissioned in 1986.  During this time, I completed the Electric Motor Rewind school being awarded an NEC EM-4615 at the same time I completed the rank of E-5 (awarded while I was at school).  Shortly after I then completed the NEC EM-4621 – IMA Electric Shop Journeyman (Motor Repair and Rewind Journeymanship) and took over as the rewind shop supervisor for the last few years I served.  I did attend additional schools related to motor controls, etc., in addition to Electrician’s Mate (EM) ‘A’ school, before and during my time on the carrier and was certified every EM conventional watch up to and including Electrical Officer of the Watch as an enlisted serviceman.  I served until November 1988 then served the following year at the Forest Park Naval Reserve Center until the end of 1989.  I took advantage of my Illinois Veterans Grant and VA to put myself through school, at that point.  The EM-4621 required that I understood vibration, balancing (including field), insulation resistance, insulation resistance, high potential testing, surge comparison testing, and other tests for electric motor circuits, in addition to shop and field repairs.  All of this before I was 22 YO.

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