Who is MotorDoc LLC?

In 2013, MotorDoc LLC moved to Lombard, Illinois, after being established in 2001 in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, as a publishing house under the name SUCCESS by DESIGN.  From 2004 MotorDoc LLC added technical, engineering and business consulting.  Our staff, partnerships, and networked resources maintain stability in all of our projects.

MotorDoc LLC, then Success by Design Publishing, was founded by Dr. Penrose in 2001 as a registered publishing house.  The purpose was to make the original books “Motor Circuit Analysis: Theory, Application and Energy Analysis,” and, “Electrical Motor Diagnostics,” available to a global audience.  As the number of titles, book, and eBook sales have grown, MotorDoc LLC, under the name Success by Design Publishing, partnered with AtlasBook distribution as our authorized distributor who makes out titles available to all online and offline bookstores.

In 2004, MotorDoc LLC, under the name Success by Design, expanded to industrial and commercial reliability, energy, diagnostics, machine design, forensics and research with client such as General Motors, UAW-GM, AMTRAK, US Steel, Monsanto, ArcelorMittal, KHNP (South Korea Nuclear Power), and many others.  In 2015 the primary clients include John Deere and the National Institute of Health as electrical machine quality assurance.  Predictive maintenance and electrical machine forensics were added as the business continues to expand.  Onsite and planned training classes on motor management and electrical motor diagnostics are recognized world-wide with over a thousand students having participated since 2004.

MotorDoc LLC employees include Mike McElroy (sales), Branka Penrose (VP), Charlene ‘Charlie’ Stevens, and Ahmad ‘Joe’ Atef, as well as numerous subcontractors.  MotorDoc is also partnered with Frosty’s Zap Labs LLC, owned and operated by Nancy Frost, PhD, CMRP in research, development and forensics of electrical insulation system materials and applications.

Effective January 11, 2018, MotorDoc LLC was recognized by the US Veterans Administration as a Veterans Owned Small Business.

The President

Dr Penrose is the President of MotorDoc LLC and the Chair for the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP).

Dr. Penrose is a US Navy veteran (1984-1989) starting as an electric motor repair supervisor and motor repair journeyman on the USS Theodore Roosevelt, CVN-71, and was an adjunct professor of engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago from 1997-1999 and a Senior Research Engineer at the UIC Energy Resources Center while completing his General Engineering doctorate with Kennedy-Western University. He is a past Chair of the Chicago Section IEEE, past Vice Chair of the Connecticut Section IEEE and has held numerous other elected and appointed positions within IEEE as well as membership in the Vibration Institute, SMRP, International Maintenance Institute and MENSA. His research in reliability, maintenance, time to failure estimation, hybrid vehicles, bio-engineering, alternative energy and wind energy, and the environment are well published in technical conferences and magazines as is his work with causes such as autism.  He is a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional, NAVAIR and NAVSEA RCM specialist as well as numerous other industry certifications. Dr. Penrose received five consecutive UAW and GM People Make Quality Happen Awards from 2005 through 2009 in relation to reliability, maintenance and energy projects within General Motors.  He received the 2008 Axiom Business Book Award for “Physical Asset Management for the Executive: Caution – Do Not Read this on an Airplane,” and 2008 Foreword Book of the Year for “Electrical Motor Diagnostics: 2nd Edition.”

His career has focused on motor systems from power generation to application including participation in the development of US Department of Energy Motor Challenge and later commercial/industrial programs.

In his spare time, Dr. Penrose is a world-champion powerlifter and co-owner of a powerlifting and physical training facility located in Lombard, Illinois (http://2XLPowerlifting.com).

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