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MotorDoc LLC General Consulting Terms and Conditions

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MotorDoc LLC Equipment Sales Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions for Using Information on MotorDoc LLC (SBD) and SUCCESS by DESIGN Publishing (SBD) Websites

  1. Use of the materials on this site is for increased knowledge of the industry andSBD clients and prospects and implies acceptance of these terms and conditions;
  2. Use of materials by SBD competitors, as determined by SBD, without expressed written permission is a violation of copyright law.  SBD is not responsible for the illegal misuse of our materials.  Such issues will be, first, submitted through the National Writers Union Grievance Committee (UAW Local 1981) for investigation and to determine further action as reserved by SBD and the Local.
  3. Use of material or advice provided by SBD, its employees, partners, affiliates, and all others, implies the understanding that you will hold SBD, its owner, employees, partners, affiliates, and all others harmless for any reason.
  4. SBD’s liability, in any manner, is limited to the amount paid for that advice or direct cost associated with that project, other than expenses.
  5. Any issues related to SBD are applicable to Illinois Law in the district of DuPage County and United States law.
  6. Author contracts are taken from recommended contract outlines published by UAW Local 1981 (refer to http://www.NWU.org) including standard royalties to authors.

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