Consulting Services

MotorDoc LLC provides technical and business consulting for industrial and commercial programs including services outside the USA.

Electrical Insulation System Consultation

MotorDoc LLC and our partners provide services in relation to the application of insulation systems in electric machine systems of all voltage and power ranges.  This can include the range from original machine design to root-cause-failure-analysis of failed or damaged systems.  Our experience ranges from military to nuclear power and from medical systems to wind generation and hybrid vehicles.

Industrial and Commercial Programs

MotorDoc LLC has extensive experience in the development of maintenance programs, maintenance and reliability best practices and Reliability Centered Maintenance (Classical NAVSEA and NAVAIR methods).  Our approaches are cost effective and usually have immediate ROI.

Motor Management Consulting and Training

Having conceived of some of the very first concepts in motor management in the 1990s, MotorDoc LLC can assist you in developing custom motor management solutions for your industrial or commercial facility, regardless of size or type.  MotorDoc LLC will train your personnel in the application of motor management programs and their impact improving the success and sustainability of your efforts.

Root-Cause-Failure-Analysis (Forensics)

Most companies have a habit of ending failure analysis at the obvious instead of looking closer at the true cause-effect-cause of the problem using a true forensics.  Considered the CSI of machine system forensics, MotorDoc LLC can assist you in identifying the issues and making corrective recommendations to improve the reliability of your system.  We specialize in electrical and mechanical systems.

Electrical Motor Diagnostics Training

MotorDoc LLC is world-renowned for online and offline motor and generator system testing and training.  You want an effective program?  Contact us!

Energy and Environment

MotorDoc LLC and our partners specialize in electric machine system (incoming power to driven equipment), steam, compressed air, pump systems, fan system and other energy and related improvements.

Website Development

MotorDoc LLC manages technical and professional society websites under contract.  Organization such as IEEE DEIS and a number of conferences rely upon our industry knowledge to develop useful interactive WordPress sites and also act as Web-Editor-in-Chief to ensure effective population of data.

Wind Generation

MotorDoc LLC specializes in the forensic analysis and identifying testing methodologies that can be used to evaluate and perform Time to Failure Estimation(tm) on the electro-mechanical condition of the machines.  Our success rate of identifying potential problems across a wide variety of systems provide the ability to plan outages reducing the costs associated with dealing with one failure at a time, or expensive corrective actions.

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