Electrical Motor Diagnostics

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The Electrical Motor Diagnostics course includes a robust review of energized and de-energized testing of electric motors including hands-on motor circuit analysis and electrical signature analysis.  All Electrical Motor Diagnostics classes are held at your facility.  Contact us at info@motordoc.com for more information.

You will learn electric machines, pass/fail values, trending methods, when to apply, how to use for PdM, how technologies interrelate and implementing as part of a sustainable program.

  • Basic electricity for non-electricians
  • Electric motor theory
  • Insulation systems
  • Bearings and greasing
  • IEEE Std 1415-2006 testing methodologies
  • Insulation testing
  • Motor circuit analysis
  • Current signature analysis
  • Electrical signature analysis
  • Torsional analysis
  • Pattern recognition
  • Time to Failure Estimation(tm)

Types of machines covered in this 3.5 day course:

  • AC induction motors
  • AC synchronous
  • Wound rotor motors
  • Alternator/Generators
  • Wind generators
  • DC motors
  • DC generators

Class includes: a copy of ‘Electrical Motor Diagnostics: 2nd Edition,’ by Dr. Penrose; Rotor bar and stator slots database; training guide and materials.

Who should attend: Engineers and technicians with some electrical or mechanical experience and hands-on managers and supervisors.

Instructor: Howard W Penrose, Ph.D., CMRP


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