Comparison the Electrom and ALL-TEST PRO 5 in the Field

We decided to evaluate the Electrom iTIG II D-12kV unit and the ALL-TEST PRO 5 in the field in order to see what the differences really were between low and high voltage testing.  The Electrom instrument is a loaner while the custom unit is being built for the MotorDoc LLC fleet (Electrom is a direct seller and does not sell through distribution).  We did note that we needed to find power outlets in order to operate the 30+ lb Electrom, which we used the full test abilities (PI, low voltage tests, etc.) in order to compare to the ALL-TEST PRO 5.  We see strong value in having both instruments in the MotorDoc LLC fleet and have available the ability to boost the voltage on the Electrom from 12kV to 24/30kV if required.

In the following adventure, I had one of the tech support folks from ALL-TEST Pro LLC assisting me in data collection at a field site.  In the end, what do I chose?  Both.  The ALL-TEST PRO 5 and the Electrom both produced similar findings using different methods with the ATP5 being only 1.5 lbs and battery powered, it was the clear speed and portability winner.  Where MotorDoc LLC clients call for AWA or PdMA equivalent tests, the Electrom performs both exceedingly well.