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What is MotorDoc LLC’s purpose?  Primarily to assist our clients, and the industry, in making thorough, well-thought, logical decisions related to their motor systems from incoming power to driven equipment.

How do we do this?  Through our network of services and access to World experts in all areas of electric motor systems.

Simply put: MotorDoc LLC will assist you in making choices, training your personnel, and setting a direction for the prime source of energy conversion in your company.  We are fully capable of helping you develop reliable best practices, new and repair specifications, training with the tools you have available, with a guaranty that if our methods are applied, they will have an immediate impact.

IMG_7663Our partners assist in forensic analysis of machines and motor management programs.

We are not here to take over your motors program.  We are here to make your motors program effective, efficient and reliable using the tools that you already have as well as being fully able to provide and recommend the tools that make you more effective.

This is why we have won more awards for our programs than any other Solutions Provider in the industry!

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We are fully capable of assisting you with your motors program. Please fill in the information below and include specifics on what you are interested in. If it is an urgent request, contact us via phone at 630 310-4568.

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